Matt Lawrence Photography is a return to my individual business following a career that encompasses most recently a 9 year period as the Corporate Photographer for State Farm Ins. Co. for the Northwest Zone, but also an eclectic career in Television Stills, Theater, Lifestyle Fashion, Portraiture; kids and adults, Product, Industry, and Editorial.

My life has been varied and interesting:
Growing up as the second of five kids in a family deeply involved in the world of skiing embedded an abiding love for the outdoors, and a sense of adventure and free-spiritedness. I have been a photographer really since middle school, having sneaked my mom's twin lens reflex out of the house, along with her remaining rolls of 120 format black and white film. After that she bought me my first 35mm camera; a Minolta SRT 101... took it everywhere with me, made a ton of mistakes and learned hard lessons from a vast array of shots attempting to capture what fascinated me, and became passionate about my successes.
All these years later, and with a lot of life lived, and priorities settled, my focus is now on people - I am a "people" person. I love people, their stories, their diverse lives, their varied looks and most of all our connection and the time we share in what time we have here. We are all connected, exploring and discovering that connection, and collaborating to achieve shared success is what drives my work.
Give me a call and we can discover what our connection is, and explore how my skills and experience can deliver the best photography you need for your current, future or dream-about projects.